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Photo of employee at Long H Ranch in Arizona completing a cultural survey

Long H Ranch Cultural Resources Survey

 Apache County, Arizona

North Wind Resource Consulting conducted a Class III cultural resources survey of 160 acres on Bureau of Land Management (BLM) land northwest of St. Johns, Apache County, AZ.

Recreational hikers alerted the BLM in February 2015 that there was an archaeological site with human remains eroding out of a wash. As the hikers had covered the human remains and did not provide the BLM with specific GPS points that could help relocate them, the BLM was unable to find the remains. BLM requested that North Wind conduct a Class III pedestrian survey of 160 acres to comply with Section 110 of the National Historic Preservation Act. The objective of the survey was to delineate the site boundary(s) and survey additional acreage to identify any additional sites that might be present and record their current condition.

“North Wind’s Cultural Resource programs help preserve our irreplaceable historical legacy,” said Greta Rayle, Project Manager. “At the same time, we protect our client’s ability to remain compliant while they carry out their vital land management responsibilities.”