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Industrial, response, and Reclamation services

North Wind’s Industrial, Response, and Reclamation Services team has an established reputation due to our successful contract history and current engagements working for federal, state, commercial, and local agencies across the U.S. in rural, urban, and extremely remote areas as well as government-operated facilities. We leverage our highly skilled team with significant operational and industry-specific experience working with our clients to ensure an optimized, cost-effective execution process.

North Wind’s Industrial, Response, and Reclamation Services is made stronger by our partners, JVs, and acquisitions. To that end, we are actively pursuing other opportunities and strategic acquisitions to join our team. If you are interested in partnering with North Wind, please complete our Partnering Opportunities form.


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Our Services

An abandoned oil or gas well is one that has reached the end of its productive life and is no longer producing commercial quantities of hydrocarbon. When a company no longer requires it for oil and gas production, it undergoes a process called abandonment. 

The well is often temporarily abandoned, but over time the well can begin to leak. It is vital to properly plug these wells to prevent this leakage into the atmosphere, onto the ground, or into freshwater aquifers. That is where North Wind comes into play providing permanent plugging of the well and reclamation of the site.

North Wind has assembled a team, in conjunction with our carefully selected partners and subcontractors, to execute all tasks necessary for successful well abandonment. Our capabilities include performing the well plugging design, Plug & Abandonment (P&A) implementation, cementing, wireline, safety mitigation, public outreach and education, landowner engagement, prioritization, hazard assessment, four-gas evaluation, and location and inventory management of abandoned wells.

Abandoned Mine Lands (AML) refer to the land, water, and surrounding watersheds that have been impacted by past mining activities. 

North Wind addresses both the safety and environmental concerns associated with AML on private, state, and federal lands.

Our team has the subject matter experts and knowledgeable and experienced operational staff to perform all aspects of mine reclamation including mine waste removal, gas monitoring, backfill, slope stabilization, engineer surveys, hazard mitigation, public engagement, contaminated soil and groundwater sampling and treatment, soil and facility excavation and removal, irrigation pipe installation, and leachate mitigation.

When a catastrophic event occurs, whether it be related to weather, infrastructure, or the subsurface geologic conditions, the situation is urgent and immediate and requires an extremely responsive and capable team to execute that relief and manage those hazardous conditions for the public.

North Wind has the tools to provide expeditious, responsive, and efficient debris monitoring and removal services to deploy for federal, state, and local entities when disaster strikes.

We offer services related to debris monitoring, including operations management, site assessment, debris tracking, and documentation, as well as debris removal services, including loading, staging, and disposing of disaster-related materials, in accordance with all applicable Federal or other laws and regulations.