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Washington Closure Hanford – Recovery Act Weekly Report

Background Summary of Projects that Washington Closure Hanford (WCH) will accomplishusing ARRA funds (pending definitization of scope and contract modifications).

A. The Environmental Restoration Disposal Facility (ERDF)

ERDF is the hub of the WCH scope of work and supports a major portion of other Hanford contractor (OHC) waste disposal. Wastes collected from sites around the Hanford complex are brought to ERDF for treatment and disposal. WCH operates the ERDF and is currently using ARRA funds to upgrade and expand its capabilities to meet the needs of Hanford’s accelerating mission.

B. The 618-10 Burial Grounds

The trenches at 618-10 have long been regarded as some of Hanford’s worst waste sites. Using ARRA funds, WCH will characterize the site. Intrusive and non-intrusive techniques will be used, and the subsequent analysis of data will enable the project to pursue remediation of the site safely and effectively.

C. The 618-11 Burial Grounds

Along with 618-10, the 618-11 Burial Grounds are among the biggest challenges faced by WCH using ARRA funds. The 618-11 characterization work will require special care because of its proximity to the Energy Northwest Generating Facility, north of the 300 Area.

D. Waste Site Remediation

WCH is employing ARRA funds to clean up many failed waste sites not originally part of its contract. Sites in the 100-F and IU 2&6 segments 1&2 are proposed for waste site remediation in the two year period starting in October 2009.

E. Confirmatory Sampling of other new sites

WCH is proposing to complete the early sampling process of 66 potential waste sites using ARRA funds. Confirmatory sampling is performed for sites that require additional information for determining if the site requires remediation. Details including chemicals of potential concern, specific sample locations, frequencies, sampling protocols, and analytical methods are presented in site-specific work instructions. Samples are then collected and analyzed for radionuclide and/or non-radionuclide chemicals of potential concern to determine if the site requires remedial action.

This weekly report will provide evidence of these activities as they occur in support of ARRA.