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Rockin’ River Ranch

Camp Verde, AZ

North Wind Resource Consulting participated in projects associated with Rockin’ River Ranch from 2018 to present. Arizona State Parks & Trails had been conducting several improvement projects throughout Rockin’ River Ranch so that the park could be re-opened for public use in February of 2024.

The re-opening of Rockin’ River Ranch is the first Arizona state park to be opened since 2016 and is the second state park in Camp Verde, the first being Fort Verde State Historical Park opened in 1970.

Improvement projects, by the Arizona State Parks & Trails, that involved ground disturbance were considered an undertaking subject to the requirements of Section 106 of the National Historic Preservation Act (NHPA). To ensure compliance with Section 106, North Wind Resource Consulting assisted with the improvement projects at Rockin’ River Ranch through an archaeological cultural resources survey, archival and historic research, and archaeological monitoring.