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Grays Meadow Project in Kellogg, Idaho

Gray’s Meadow Remediation

Kellogg, ID

This North Wind Construction Services project is the first full-scale remediation project in the Lower Coeur d’Alene (CDA) River Basin and is being performed for the Restoration Partnership. Under direction and oversite of the CDA Trust, Idaho Fish & Game Department, and Pioneer Technical, this project addresses metals contaminated soils found in the river bottoms, meadows, and wetlands along the CDA River corridor.

Comprised of two large wetland meadows separated by Black Lake, the site is five miles long, encompasses 700 acres, and lies adjacent the CDA River and an extremely active bike trail.  The two meadows: 

  • are comprised of 400 acres
  • have 220 acres of low-level metals contamination
  • have 80 acres of moderate levels of metal contamination

To be implemented over three years, North Wind Construction Services will move nearly 750,000 cubic yards of soil to accomplish project goals, which include:

  • Address all contaminated soil issues and turn these meadows into productive wildlife habitat, by constructing a series of berms, ponds, and islands, leaving three distinct cells within each of the two meadows
  • Remediate the low-level contamination areas via in-situ remediation (DEEP tilling) to bring contaminant concentrations below action level
  • Excavate the moderate-level contaminated soils and use them to construct berms and islands, capping with wire mesh to prevent rodents from burrowing into the placed contaminated soils
  • Excavate the clean soils (creating ponds in the process) to cap the wire-mesh-wrapped contaminated soil
  • Construct concrete water control structures in each of the six wetland cells to allow Idaho Fish & Game to control water levels for optimum habitat management

Grays Meadow Project in Kellogg, Idaho   Grays Meadow Project in Kellogg, Idaho   Grays Meadow Project in Kellogg, Idaho