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North Wind Partners with Washington State University

left to right: Allister Aniceto, Maritza Ochoa-Roman, Mark Kneblik, John Roach (North Wind Solutions), Jim Brittain, Daniel Marty

In 2023, North Wind Solutions began a partnership with the Washington State University (WSU) School of Engineering and Applied Science to serve as a Corporate Sponsor for the Computer Science capstone course.

North Wind Solutions was one of three companies that worked with teams of five senior-level computer science students on a real-world project to build a working application in a corporate setting. North Wind Solutions identified a need in performance management workflow automation and then brought together representatives from HR, cyber security, and software engineering to design the application with the students. Over the next nine months, the WSU Team checked in weekly with their progress and by the end of the semester, in 2024, had delivered an excellent working prototype of the software.

This was the first year of the partnership and it is expected to continue into the future. In addition to fast-tracking a needed software tool and being a fantastic experience for the students, it also created an excellent recruiting pipeline and community connection opportunity for North Wind.