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Luckey FUSRAP Project Passes Another Milestone

Last month, the North Wind Portage team at Luckey, Ohio passed another milestone on their Formerly Utilized Sites Remedial Action Program (FUSRAP) Project.

Since North Wind Portage has taken on the end-state contract at the Luckey Project, they have transported their 8,000th shipment. To date, on all contracts combined on the Luckey Site, North Wind has performed more than 16,000 shipments — meaning North Wind Portage has shipped over 50% of all the materials in Luckey’s history in the last two years.

The team at Luckey places a great amount of focus on areas for improvement (how to get stronger, faster, deliver better products, etc.), but the numbers do not lie. The Luckey Team is delivering at an extremely high level right now.

The Luckey team strives to consistently break records, deliver quality work for our client, and find ways to perform in every season of the year. We are very proud of the great work our Team is doing!