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Photo of excavator in Kaufman, Texas working on levee in dirt pile

Kaufman Levee Emergency Response

Kaufman, Texas

North Wind Construction Services performed an earthen levee repair on a 7,000 linear feet levee section along the Trinity River, near Kaufman, TX. The 128-acre project included the construction of two setback levees, excavation, and operation of two soil borrow areas; implementation of drainage and erosion control; contouring and revegetation, and installation of perimeter fencing & access gates.

Contracted by the US Army Corps of Engineers Fort Worth District, the project was completed in July 2015.

On a final note, North Wind Construction did an outstanding job and wanted to praise y’all for a job well done.” Mike Bormann, P.E., Area Engineer

I concur with Mike that this project has gone very smoothly. I appreciate the level of coordination and communication by all. Thank you all.” Dorie Murphy, Program Manager