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DOE Small Business DD&R Task Order 1-Environmental Management at the ETEC Site Executive Summary


In May 2024, North Wind Portage, Inc. was selected by the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) to manage and provide environmental monitoring, surveillance and maintenance (S&M), and project support activities at the DOE Environmental Management (EM) Energy Technology Engineering Center (ETEC) site under the first Task Order awarded under DOE-EM’s Small Business Nationwide Deactivation, Decommissioning and Removal (DD&R) contract. The ETEC scope includes preparation of demolition and removal work plans; providing support for the California Department of Toxic Substances (DTSC) California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) Environmental Impact Report (EIR); completing the Data Gap Analysis Report and associated sampling, groundwater activities; and preparation of the Soils Remedial Action Implementation Plans. 

North Wind Portage’s vision for the ETEC task order is rooted in our values of integrity, safety, innovation, and sustainability. We have deep ties to the ETEC site and local community with more than 11 years of continuous presence at the site and in the local communities.

North Wind Portage remains committed to partnering with DOE to deliver project completion, to meet all existing and future cleanup milestones and commitments, and to safely and efficiently advance DOE’s ETEC Mission.


North Wind Portage will serve as the prime contractor, responsible for the delivery of the project and completion of the project’s goals and objectives. We have selected one primary subcontractor to support us in completing the project.

Founded in 1992, North Wind Portage is a Small, Disadvantaged Business that specializes in providing innovative and comprehensive solutions to complex hazardous and radiological remediation, D&D, and waste management challenges. Ranked as the #1 Small Business Government Contractor in the 562910 NAICS code from 2019-2023, North Wind Portage performs over $120 million annually in remediation work across the United States.

CDM Smith logoCDM Smith is one of the nation’s premier providers of solutions in water, environment, transportation, energy, and facilities.  CDM Smith will support North Wind Portage in preparation of plans and reports; in providing support for regulatory interaction and consultation; and in collection and analyses of data.


North Wind Portage’s Management approach is summarized below:

  • Provide an organization that consolidates all project activities under a single Point of Contact who retains authority, responsibility, and accountability for all aspects of the work scope to facilitate partnership, communication, and ownership of project success.
  • Implement an organizational breakdown structure beneath the Program Manager that mirrors the scope elements to facilitate assigning discrete tasks to groups within the organization. This approach will improve accountability for scope elements and provide clear lines of responsibility to facilitate ownership, efficiency, and responsiveness.
  • Utilize management and technical support staff with experience working at ETEC to ensure site, scope, and regulatory familiarity and momentum is maintained. We will carry the previous success forward with an experienced team.
  • We will facilitate access to corporate reach-back support to the over 6,000 available resources within North Wind and CDM Smith to ensure the right resources are provided to the project at the right time. 


North Wind Portage’s project organization structure is provided here.

Our Key Personnel include:

  • Program Manager – Jeff Scott, PMP


North Wind Portage makes the following performance commitments:

  • We are committed to partnering with DOE, the local community, and other stakeholders to deliver a safe and successful project and advance DOE’s ETEC mission safely, efficiently, completely, and compliantly.
  • We are committed to continuously evaluating investigatory and remedial processes, performing value engineering analyses, and implementing innovations and efficiencies to reduce project cost and schedule and enhance safety and compliance.
  • We are committed to protecting the work force, the local communities, and the environment
  • We are committed to performing all work in a safe, compliant, efficient, and quality manner
  • We are committed to engaging, appreciating, supporting, including, and rewarding the entire project team.


North Wind Portage has a 30-year history of performing environmental remediation for federal, state, and commercial clients. Recent, similar past performance includes:

Environmental Monitoring, Facility Maintenance, Infrastructure Support, and Decommissioning at ETEC – North Wind Portage has been performing environmental monitoring, maintenance, and infrastructure support at the ETEC site since 2014.  We performed DD&R of 18 above-grade facilities, totaling over 300,000 square feet. 

Moab Remediation Action Contract – North Wind Portage has been performing removal, transportation, and disposal of RRM from the Moab site since late 2011. We have safely removed over 9 million tons of RRM and debris, compliantly transported, and securely disposed the material.

Luckey FUSRAP Remediation – North Wind Portage has remediated over 250,000 tons of radiological-, hazardous-, and beryllium-contaminated soil, sediment, and debris from the Luckey site. We have surveyed, released, and restored over 16 acres of the site and deconstructed and removed eight structures totaling over 175,000 square feet.


  • We are committed to partnering with DOE and the local community to deliver a safe and successful project and to advance DOE’s ETEC mission safely, efficiently, completely, and compliantly.
  • We are committed to protecting the local communities and the environment and performing work in a safe, compliant, and quality manner.