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North Wind Western Region Expands, Opening Offices

North Wind Group (North Wind) is pleased to announce that the company has recently opened offices in its regional hub in Seattle, as well as in key growth areas in Salt Lake City, Phoenix, and Yuma. Strategic growth offices provide efficiencies as North Wind continues to expand and perform work across the country. These new offices bolster our existing western region locations in Anchorage, Richland, Las Vegas, and San Diego. The recent acquisition of Portage, Inc. will further enhance North Wind’s plans for regional growth.

Seattle, Washington

North Wind Seattle, WA Office

North Wind established its Seattle office as a regional hub in July 2016, with regional management staff and various project support staff assigned to this location. Capabilities in the Seattle office include construction management, construction quality control, chemistry, demolition, and environmental remediation. Plans for 2017 include building additional regional management capabilities to oversee regional operations, as well as hazardous waste and natural resources consulting personnel.

Ken Valder, North Wind Western Regional Manager notes, “North Wind’s western growth is exciting. In 2016, we doubled staff organically to over 100 employees in the region, and the company is poised to experience another significant regional growth year in 2017, with major projects in all of the western CONUS states and Alaska, serving government and commercial customers.” Mr. Valder welcomes contact through

Salt Lake City, Utah

“North Wind is excited to establish a growth office in Salt Lake City,” said Brad Frazee, North Wind Chief Operating Officer. “This location provides access to a key airline hub, thus reducing travel costs and improving the mobility for several key staff.”

North Wind has worked with several Salt Lake City federal agency offices for many years. Frazee added, “This office will provide us better access to federal market opportunities in Utah, including Department of Energy, Department of Defense, and Department of the Interior.” Mr. Frazee can be reached at

Phoenix, Arizona

Phoenix is a growth office for North Wind Resource Consulting (NWRC), with a strong commitment to further building our already robust cultural resources program. Since its 2016 opening, the office has grown to include 7 full-time and 15 seasonal cultural resources consultants and built a substantial project resume throughout the Southwest. Jace Fahnestock, North Wind Resources Consulting (NWRC) President said, “The Phoenix location is a fantastic place for our cultural historians, historical architects, and other staff to support exciting work in the culturally rich desert southwest, and provides a great growth platform for NWRC.” Contact Mr. Fahnestock at

Yuma, Arizona

North Wind has provided cultural resources and environmental compliance support to the U.S. Army at Yuma Proving Ground since 1999. Last year saw demand for North Wind services off post, and in late 2016, the company established an office in downtown Yuma. This office will offer the same types of services, as well as construction services, to federal clientele as well as commercial customers in the energy and telecommunications sectors.

“The opportunities in and around southwest Arizona and southern California are phenomenal,” said Kimberly Maloney, Yuma Program Manager. “Our staff is looking forward to continuing the support of the Department of Defense’s environmental mission as well as additional opportunities within the region.” Ms. Maloney can be reached at


Physical addresses for the four new offices:


801 Second Avenue, Suite 310 Seattle, WA 98104

Salt Lake City

764 E. Winchester Street Salt Lake City, UT 84107


2025 N. Third Street, Suite 260 Phoenix, AZ 85004


291 S. Main Street, Suite E2 Yuma, AZ 85364

North Wind is one of the nation’s leading small businesses providing engineering, construction, environmental, and technical services to federal and state agencies and private industry. Founded in 1997, North Wind has grown to a group of companies that employs more than 1,100 scientific, engineering, management and professional personnel. Since 2010, North Wind has been a wholly-owned subsidiary of Cook Inlet Region, Inc. (CIRI), an Alaska Native corporation(ANC). North Wind is headquartered in Idaho Falls, Idaho, and has a presence in 35 states and three countries.


For more information, visit the North Wind web site at