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North Wind Receives Client Kudos at SRS

(Photo courtesy NA Today) North Wind, a contractor for Savannah River Nuclear Solutions (SRNS), treats groundwater at the Savannah River Site. SRNS has surpassed its small business contracting goals for fiscal year 2016

North Wind Group is pleased to announce that they are playing a key role supporting Savannah River Nuclear Solutions, the management and operating contractor for the Department of Energy (DOE) Savannah River site.

 North Wind was mentioned in an article in the North Augusta Today (NA Today) on January 25, 2017, entitled “SRS surpasses small business contracting goals.”

 “We are very proud be recognized by our client for the outstanding work being performed by our southeastern project team at SRS on a wide range of tasks including drilling oversight, in-situ bioremediation demonstration projects, data modeling, regulatory document preparation, and groundwater and soil sampling,” said Jim Furr, North Wind, Inc. and North Wind Services, President. “The North Wind team has also developed an exceptionally close working relationship with the business and technical teams at SRNS.”

Visit the NA Today website for the complete article: