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Moab Remedial Action

Moab Uranium Mill Tailings Remedial Action Project | Moab, Utah

North Wind Portage (NWP) is responsible for operations at the Moab site including excavating and conditioning residual radioactive material (RRM), excavating and size-reduction of debris buried in the pile from the mill buildings and structures, filling intermodal containers, and transporting the filled intermodal containers 30 miles from Moab to Crescent Junction. NWP also constructed the disposal cell expansions at the NRC-regulated disposal cells at the Crescent Junction landfill and emplaces the RRM and debris in the Crescent Junction landfill. We are constructing the interim and final cover over the emplaced materials; remediating vicinity properties; and maintaining facilities, grounds, and railroad structures at the Moab and Crescent Junction sites.

To date, NWP has excavated approximately 2,784,937 yd3, loaded and transported 109,576 intermodals, containing 3,742,075 tons of RRM, and emplaced 1,978,812 yd3 to approved specifications at Crescent Junction, exceeding the goal established by DOE. *Update: As of October 2020, 11,000,000 tons of mill tailings have been shipped from the site

“North Wind Portage is grateful for this opportunity to remediate a hazardous site on the banks of the Colorado River, nestled between two of America’s premier National Parks. Our consistently exceptional performance ratings show how seriously we take this responsibility.” – Jeff Scott, President NWP

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