Carlsbad Technical Assistance Contract

North Wind Portage (NWP) has been the U.S. Department of Energy’s (DOE) Carlsbad Field Office (CBFO) Technical Assistance Contractor since 2010. Our staff provides Quality Assurance support, technical oversight support, and administrative operations support to all CBFO program areas, including transuranic (TRU) waste packaging, certification and transportation; worker health and safety; environmental compliance; nuclear and mining facility engineering and operations; international waste repository and scientific programs; and, most recently, WIPP recovery.  NWP supported CBFO senior management in addressing ongoing incident response and recovery activities while at the same time meeting all other surveillance and audit commitments involving the TRU waste generator sites, the national laboratories, CBFO, and NWP. All work was performed on schedule with no impact to the quality of the deliverables.

“CBFO and the National TRU Program depend on CTAC to support their mission of managing the Nation’s TRU waste inventory from the point of generation to final disposal,” said Tim Runyon, CTAC Senior Project Manager. “North Wind Portage is proud to have provided outstanding support under technically demanding conditions, since 2010”