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Transuranic Waste Processing Project Transfers to North Wind Solutions

Oak Ridge, TN – Effective this morning, management and operations of the Oak Ridge Transuranic Waste Processing Center (TWPC) has transferred to North Wind Solutions, LLC.

The U.S. Department of Energy awarded the contract to North Wind Solutions, LLC in June. Since then, the company has been working with DOE and the incumbent contractor, Wastren Advantage Inc. (WAI), to transition the project. The total potential period of performance for the contract is 5 years, with a 3-year base period and one, 2-year option period.

According to Linda Beach, North Wind’s TWPC Program Manager, “We have appreciated the open dialog and teamwork with DOE and WAI throughout transition and are looking forward to working with the talented staff as we successfully deliver the TWPC project for DOE.”

North Wind’s mission at TWPC is to characterize and package transuranic waste for transportation and disposition at the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant in New Mexico. To date, the project has completed processing a majority of the contact-handled transuranic debris, and has made positive progress on its remote-handled inventory. Under North Wind, the project will focus on the more challenging CH waste streams and the RH waste. As processing of the remaining waste streams are completed, the focus will become project completion, not just project delivery.

“We are excited to welcome North Wind to the Oak Ridge environmental management team, and trust they will safely and successfully accomplish the difficult task ahead of them,” said Sue Cange, manager of the Oak Ridge environmental management program.

North Wind Solutions is part of North Wind Group, one of the nation’s leading small businesses providing engineering, construction, environmental, and technical services to federal and state agencies and private industry. Founded in 1997, North Wind has grown to a group of companies that employs more than 560 scientific, engineering, management, construction and professional personnel. Since 2010, North Wind has been a wholly-owned subsidiary of Cook Inlet Region, Inc., an Alaska Native Corporation. North Wind is headquartered in Idaho Falls, Idaho, and operates from more than 20 office locations throughout the country.

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