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Sylvia Medina Receives Invitation to White House

In addition to being honored as the SBA Region X 2008 Subcontractor of the year, North Wind President, Sylvia Medina received an invitation from the President’s Office to join other award winners at the East Room of the White House to hear President Bush discuss the importance of small businesses in our country. BBWI President Jeff Mousseau, who nominated North Wind for the award, attended the event as Medina’s guest. “I was honored to be invited to the White House to hear President Bush’s speech honoring small business owners.” Medina said. “I felt that the president was talking directly to me when he said, ‘Owning a small business is hard. It’s not an easy experience. I’ve had the pleasure of getting to meet a lot of small business owners during my time as, first governor of Texas, and then President of the country. And you’ll be amazed at how many times people have said, well, you know, it all started around the kitchen table.’” “When the president made that statement I was thinking, oh-my-gosh, my kitchen table served as the first North Wind office.”

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