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North Wind Receives Coast Guard Contract To Provide Environmental Remediation Services

A team led by an Idaho Falls, based environmental services company, North Wind Inc., announced it had been selected by the U.S. Coast Guard as the sole recipient of an $8M contract for environmental remediation of hazardous waste sites at the Coast Guard’s Kodiak Island, Alaska facility.

Under the terms of the five-year contract the North Wind team will provide investigations, interim actions, removal actions, short-term operation and maintenance, facility management services, and any other action incident to site remediation. The contract, which was awarded by the U.S. Coast Guard Facilities Design and Construction Center Pacific, is primarily for work at Kodiak Island, but can also include other sites in Alaska, as well as nine other western states: Hawaii, Washington, Oregon, Idaho, California, Arizona, Nevada, Montana and Utah.

“We are delighted the Coast Guard selected our team for this very important work,” said Sylvia Medina, president of North Wind, Inc. “Not only is this North Wind’s first contract with the Coast Guard, but it also represents our first contract with the Department of Homeland Security, to which the Coast Guard is attached.”

The other members of the team are Weldin Construction, Inc., who will provide tank installation, tank removal /decommissioning, and tank tightness testing services, and DMC Technologies, Inc. who specialize in PCB-contaminated and petroleum soil treatment processes.

Media Contact: Lane Allgood