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North Wind, Inc. to Sponsor Battelle’s International Symposium

North Wind through the Remediation Technologies Division has been an active sponsor of Battelle’s International Symposiums for 6 years.

The symposium brings together an international group of experts, stakeholders, and practitioners in the field of environmental biotechnology and represents the most influential market for showcasing innovative technologies and remediation strategies. North Wind personnel have consistently served as session chairs for the symposium, for topics spanning from innovative technology development and application to enhanced biodegradation and combined remedial strategies. North Wind is recognized as a leader in the field as a result of our involvement in sponsoring the Symposium, but more importantly as the result of numerous platform and poster presentations regarding innovative research and implementation of technologies for the remediation of contaminated groundwater. This year, staff from the RTD group are serving as session chairs for “Combining Chemical and Biological Approaches” and “Chloroethene Bioremediation Case Histories”. In addition to chairing sessions, seven platforms and two posters will be presented to showcase work from the last year. More information on the symposium can be found at (Link)

  • “Bioremediation for long-term chlorinated source depletion and flux reduction”
  • “Aerobic SBR Design and Optimization for Explosives-Wastewater Remediation”
  • “Evidence for Remedy Transition from Pump and Treat to MNA”
  • “Enzyme Probe Degradation Rate Assessment for an Aerobic TCE Plume”
  • “Microbial Community Dynamics and Activity Evaluated Throughout a TCE Plume
  • “Coupled Biogeochemical Evaluations: Determining Rates for TCE Cometabolism”
  • “Effect of Iterative Permanganate Injections on Indigenous Microbes in a PCE-DNAPL Contaminated Aquifer”
  • “Performance assessment of enhanced bioremediation of DNAPL’s Using Innovative Techniques”
  • “Effect of Thermal Treatment on a Chlorinated Solvent-Degrading Microbial Community”