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Luckey Site Reaches Safe Shipment Milestone

The 15,000th truck left the Luckey Formerly Utilized Sites Remedial Action Program (FUSRAP) Site, on Wednesday, January 3rd, loaded with material contaminated with beryllium, radium 226, thorium 230, uranium 234, uranium 238, and lead.

This shipment milestone was achieved over 3 separate contracts at the Luckey site, including the previous Luckey remediation contract, the Luckey building deconstruction project, and the current Luckey remediation contract. 

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Buffalo District began shipping FUSRAP-related material from the Luckey Site in June of 2018. 

Below are some noteworthy metrics surrounding this exciting shipment milestone.

  • 15,000 shipments at 145 miles roundtrip equates to 2,175,000 safe road miles.
  • 2,175,000 miles equates to roughly 87.35 trips around the earth’s equator or 4.55 roundtrips to the moon.  
  • 15,000 shipments at ~16.8 tons per container equates to ~252,000 tons of contaminated material excavated, conditioned, loaded, and safely and compliantly disposed of. 
  • 252,000 tons equates to ~4,200 M1 Abrams Tanks or ~2.5 of the USS Gerald R. Ford Aircraft Carrier 

“This important milestone would not have been possible without the outstanding teamwork, hard work, and dedication of past and current personnel and subcontractors. We sincerely appreciate the partnering relationship we have with the Luckey project team and with our client,” said Dakota Johnson, Project Manager.