Construction Services

Video of blasting on-site quarry material for use in repository construction at the East Fork Nine Mile Waste Consolation Area Expansion project in Northern Idaho.

North Wind provides a wide range of construction services to a multitude of customers, including state and federal government agencies and commercial and private business. North Wind has a strong construction project history on heavy civil, site remediation and reclamation, demolition, and vertical construction and facility renovation projects across the nation.

Examples of our projects include: repairing damage to the USS Arizona Memorial Floating Dock for the National Park Service in Honolulu, Hawaii; providing technical, construction, and remedial services to the Coeur d’Alene Trust and the Idaho Department of Environmental Quality (IDEQ) to address Coeur d’Alene Basin metals contamination in surface water, groundwater, mine drainage, tailings, and soils; performing the building design, fabrication, erection, construction inspection, and quality verification for the Accelerated Retrieval Project VII building and ancillary facilities for the Department of Energy (DOE) at the Idaho National Laboratory (INL); providing design and/or build services for two landfills in Los Alamos, New Mexico; and various renovation and vertical construction projects for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers throughout the United States.

Self-Performing Contractor

Vertical Construction Services

  • Design-Bid-Build
  • Design-Build
  • Construction Manager at Risk (CMAR)
  • Renovation
  • Energy Efficient/Green Construction
  • Military Fuel Systems Construction, Maintenance and Repair
  • Direct-Hire Building Construction (steel and concrete)
  • Project and Construction Management

Heavy Civil and Remedial Construction

  • Repository Construction, Operation and Maintenance
  • Site Work and Underground Utilities
  • Environmental Remediation
  • Mine Reclamation
  • Floodplain, Habitat and Water Quality Improvements
  • Landfill Closures
  • Heavy Industrial Construction
  • Recreational Facilities
  • Road Construction
  • Site Demolition and Reconstruction

Project and Construction Management

  • Quality Controls Oversight

Decontamination & Demolition

Market Expertise