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Idaho Falls’ Most Influential Women

If you saw the Post Register yesterday and today, you saw the beginning of a four day series, Idaho Falls Women of Influence. What a daunting task! To choose the most influential women in Idaho Falls. But that is the task that fell on Felicia Muriel’s shoulders, “These ladies are all very interesting people. Now I have 15 women. So it’s going to be in a series of installments.”

The series began on Sunday with the executives which include Beth Sellers with the INL and Sylvia Medina, CEO of Northwind, among others. Medina was very honored, “You know it means a lot to me because you know I’ve made a difference in this community and I want to keep doing what I can you know continue pushing it forward.”

The Arts and education installment ran today and Carrie Getty Scheid tops that list. When Felicia interviewed her, she talked about what it takes to make a difference in the community. “The other big piece of it is really getting the right people connected so that you can get the project done and in a small community where everybody knows everyone that’s pretty easy to do.”

The the article on the most influential women in non profit and environmental runs Tuesday. Susan Hulse leads the list of Women making a difference by working for non-profits. She’s the executive director for the Snake River Animal Shelter. “I was so excited when I got the call, It was just a really great feeling to be recognized and know that there are so many people that I’m working with volunteer-wise and staff-wise that find what I am doing valuable.”

And the last installment is on women in government. Getty-Scheid gave Felicia ideas for this segment. “I think of women that are key, I mean I think of Karen Cornwell with United Way and the city council.”

Through the process of writing this series, Felicia has discovered a valuable theme in each of these stories.

“I just started reporting and to talk to these women and they’re saying dive into things headfirst, and take risks but go with your gut and find mentors and all these things are coming at the exact right time with my own career path and the fact that they’re female and they kinda started from the ground up, also I find really inspirational and educational.”

Felicia says that in doing this series, she hopes that these women’s stories will inspire other women. You can catch the rest of the series tomorrow and Wednesday in the Post Register.