Brady Bigelow – Chief Business Development Officer

Brady Bigelow, North Wind Group Chief Business Development Officer, is responsible for all North Wind business development activities throughout the U.S. and beyond, and for identifying significant new opportunities for growth and expansion of the company.

Mr. Bigelow has more than 30 years of domestic and international environmental, construction, and alternative energy experience, including work in the former Soviet Union. He is experienced working with federal agencies and spent more than 17 years managing environmental and construction programs in the western U.S. and Pacific. Mr. Bigelow holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Botany from Ohio University and has completed Denver University’s Executive Leadership Development Program.




North Wind Business Development Team

L to R bottom row: Butch Morrow, Jade Siddoway, Shayne Naugle
L to R standing: Bob Driscoll, Jason Winkler, Harry Fugate, Brady Bigelow, Mark Swantko, Jeff Clark

  • Brady Bigelow

    Chief Business Development Officer
  • Jade Siddoway

    Director, Proposal Center
  • Shayne Naugle

    Northeast Regional Business Development Manager
  • Bob Driscoll

    Central Regional Business Development Manager
  • Jason Winkler

    Western Regional Business Development Manager
  • Mark Swantko

    Southeast Region Business Development Manager
  • Jeff Clark

    Pac Rim Region Business Development Manager
  • Butch Morrow

    Business Development Capture Manager
  • Harry Fugate

    Business Development Manager