Occupational Medical Services

North Wind provides diverse Occupational Medical Services (OMS) to a variety of customers including federal and state government agencies, and commercial and private businesses. We have the capabilities and experience to design programs and manage health services directed towards defined populations for our clients. Our services range from medical surveillance, injury and illness prevention and management, health and wellness promotion, absence and disability management, healthcare data management, continuous quality improvement, loss and risk management, public health prevention and management, disease management, hazard control, fitness for duty, and health and productivity management.

We have the unique ability to leverage the experience, personnel, and capabilities of our subsidiaries through meaningful, direct involvement in project management of the affiliate’s personnel, facilities, machines and equipment, or contracted employees. These provisions provide North Wind Small Business status while maintaining large business systems and infrastructure.

Our OMS will be consistent with our proven track record of exceeding our client’s requirements and expectations. We will always use the highest of ethics and professionalism to provide uncompromising quality OMS to secure a program that promotes health, wellness and productivity of the working population.


North Wind is currently providing OMS support services at Department of Energy sites in Tennessee, Ohio, and more.

  • Case Management & Monitored Care
  • Diagnosis & Treatment of Injury or Illness
  • Emergency Preparedness & Disaster Planning
  • Employee Counseling & Behavioral Health Services
  • Ergonomic Evaluation & Management
  • Field/Facility Visits
  • Fitness for Duty & Rehabilitation
  • Health Education & Wellness Promotion
  • Healthcare Cost Management
  • Industrial Hygiene
  • Infection Control
  • Legacy Health Management
  • Medical Consulting Services
  • Medical Data Extraction, Analysis & Reporting
  • Medical Monitoring & Qualification Exams
  • Medical Surveillance
  • Occupational Health Process Improvement
  • Records Management
  • Substance/Chemical Detection Services
  • Support Transition