Radiological Facility Design

North Wind has successfully managed and supported our customers in performing numerous projects located within radiological facilities and providing unique radiological materials handling. North Wind has completed the following types of radiological work:

  • Engineering and Conceptual Design – for remote handled low-level radioactive waste disposal facilities
  • Low-level Waste and Mixed Low-level Waste Management Packaging, Tracking, and Disposal
  • Cleanup of Contaminated Groundwater Monitoring Wells
  • Development of Down Hole Radiological Measuring Devices

The projects have been very broad in scope and required the management of staff representing a diverse range of disciplines in order to support dozens of major material testing, environmental restoration and waste management programs.

This work has been successfully completed while meeting the needs and concerns of multiple stakeholders, including the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), state regulatory agencies, and private citizen groups, and was performed in accordance with DOE work control safety guidance and directives. Specific areas of expertise include:

  • Radiological/Hazardous Environments
  • Shielding and Engineered Radiation Controls
  • Radioactive Materials Handling