Quality Assurance

North Wind provides qualified personnel who offer expert consulting services in support of quality assurance (QA) and quality control (QC) activities, including:

  • Staff augmentation to lead or support your project QA and QC needs, or supplement your existing staff in times of high need.
  • QA program development and implementation.
  • Integrating regulatory and customer requirements into existing business practices.
  • Policy, procedure, and process development to support your QA program and ensure success.
  • Audit and assessment program development, management, and support, including ISO 9001 and NQA-1 certified auditors.
  • Supply chain development, management, and oversight.
  • Continuous improvement program development, implementation, and support using a diverse suite of tools and methodologies that can be selected to complement the area of improvement and help ensure customer satisfaction.
  • Root cause analysis and investigation support.
  • Corrective action plan development, implementation, and verification to prevent recurrence.
  • Development of comprehensive and defensible deliverable packages to ensure product and service acceptance.