Facility, Health, and Safety Support Services

A Message from the President & CEO, Chris Leichtweis

I want to update you on the state of our operations at North Wind in light of the COVID-19 pandemic.

North Wind’s motto is Business Forward, follow our sustainability rules and controls, and of course, Safety First. Our priority always has been, and will continue to be, the safety of our clients, subcontractors, suppliers, employees, and communities. We’ve implemented a number of measures to ensure the safety of our employees to guarantee our premises are well sanitized and our employees are practicing excellent personal hygiene, and never coming to work if feeling unwell.

We have rolled out a forward-thinking sustainability and resumption plan for our projects and offices world-wide. Project by project, site by site, we will ensure appropriate measures and controls are in place to protect our workforce.

I would like to thank our COVID response team for their forward thinking and tireless efforts these last few months to help guide us in the safest manner possible. Additionally, our leadership team and board of directors are experienced captains and have been guiding us through these ever-changing times. We will, and already are, coming through this storm stronger and more united than ever.  

I am proud of our employees for being flexible and adapting to changed working environments during this time. They have handled the situation like the committed professionals I know they are.  

We continue to conduct business as normal as possible, winning new work and maintaining essential operations for our clients, all while doing so safely. We must be diligent and relentless on implementing our administrative and engineering controls at work and at home. This ensures that we are solidifying our future as an essential business for our customers and will continue to win new work to support our backlog for project and job security. We’ve been successfully serving our clients for over 23 years and continue to be ready to serve ongoing needs today and for many more years to come. 

Nearly all of North Wind Group’s projects are essential in nature as federal contractor in the AEC industry. We look forward to the deployment of standardized and site-specific administrative and appropriate personnel screening through FDA approved and accredited future testing under the direction of our nationwide medical WorkCare provider that will ensure the safety and health of our clients, subcontractors, suppliers, and employees. These forward-thinking steps have been created by North Wind’s COVID task force consisting of our internal ES&H, Industrial Hygiene, and OCCMED departments who have consulted with many within the medical community. North Wind continues to follow all CDC recommended guidelines and all State and local controls currently in place. 

Please continue to take care of yourselves, your families, and those in the community that might need some extra assistance. We look forward to seeing you in the community again as government regulations permit.  

Thank you,   

Chris Leichtweis, President and CEO of North Wind Group, a CIRI Company.  


May 2020

North Wind Support Services

With the continued spread of Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19), the safety and well-being of our communities is of the utmost concern. North Wind Group has implemented steps in an effort to protect our team, our customers, and the people who work, play, and heal in the facilities where we provide services and systems.

What We Are Doing for Our Employees

  • Implementing Telework
  • Maintaining Clean Facilities
  • Encouraging Social Distancing, Remote Meetings, Hand Washing, and Wearing Masks

Financial and HR

We have made an effort to build a financial reserve that will enable us to respond to large project demands, and in this case a national emergency. We are fully committed to use our financial and human resources to aid and assist the country in responding to this viral threat—when and where we are needed.


North Wind is ready to mobilize, for large or small projects, and has the experience and existing relationships to provide logistical support to our customers. We have Incident Command System (ICS)-certified; disaster tested, Bloodborne Pathogen trained; Certified Industrial Hygienists (CIH); and Certified Safety Professional (CSP) employees available. Some of the services North Wind is capable of offering include:

  • Biological Release
  • Disinfection/Decontamination
  • Facility Health & Safety Emergency Response Planning
  • Biological Characterization/Survey
  • Hazard Incineration
  • Biohazard Logistics
  • CBRN Response
  • Industrial Hygiene
  • PPE Logistic/Issuance
  • Health and Safety Training
  • Infection Control Risk Assessment
  • Medical Support/Decontamination
  • Biocontainment
  • Bio-Quality Inspection
  • Remediation
  • Facility Assessment
  • Operational Recovery
  • Freight Delivery and Heavy Haul Machinery
  • Waste Management/Transportation
  • Logistical & Transportation Services
  • Public Involvement/Community Relations
  • Facility Level Support
  • Staff Augmentation
  • Training
  • Design-Build/Design-Bid-Build/Construction Services
  • Security Fencing/Access Control Points
  • Equipment Assembly/Installation
  • General Contracting-Biohazard
  • Real-time Engineering/Construction
  • Facility Renovation/Repurposing
  • Dormitory/Barracks/Hotel/School Design and Repurposing
  • Temporary Utilities Procurement & Construction
  • Temporary Modular Facility Design/Construction
  • Facility/Infrastructure Design
  • Biological-safety Level 3 and 4 Laboratory Design/Renovation

For additional services, please contact our Business Development at bd@northwindgrp.com