Enhanced Polar Systems (EPS) Foundations

This design-build project, by Weldin Construction, provided for the design and construction of foundations systems, conduit and duct bank power and fiber systems, and underground lightning protection grounding system for the Enhanced Polar Systems (EPS) infrastructure. It also included four antenna systems and a 350 sq. ft. equipment shelter. The foundation pads and bearing walls were strategically designed and constructed to support the Radome’s and antennas. Special attention was made in the design to prevent frost.

EPS-infra-1 EPS-infra-2 EPS-infra-3 EPS-infra-4 EPS-infra-8 EPS-infra-9 EPS-infra-10 EPS-infra-11 EPS-infra-12 EPS-infra-13 EPS-infra-14 EPS-infra-15 EPS-infra-5 EPS-infra-6 EPS-infra-16 EPS-infra-7