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    Idaho Falls Facility

    1425 Higham St.
    Idaho Falls, ID 83402

    Phone: 208-528-8718
    Fax: 208-528-8714

    For Business Development Opportunities: 

    Brady Bigelow 
    Chief Business Development Officer

    Regional Contacts

    Western Region

    Rob Szozda
    Western Regional Manager

    Jason Winkler
    Western Regional Business Development Manager

    Central Region

    Beau Johnston, PE
    Central Regional Manager

    Bob Driscoll
    Central Regional Business Development Manager

    Northeast Region

    Brent Clark
    Northeast Regional Manager

    Shayne Naugle
    Northeast Regional Business Development Manager

    Southeast Region

    Scott Hood
    Southeast Regional Manager

    Mark Swantko
    Southeast Regional Business Development Manager

    Alaska Region

    Jim Pulkrabek
    Alaska Regional Manager

    Jeff Clark
    Alaska/Indo-Pac Regional Business Development Manager

    Indo-Pac Region

    Troy Rosenbush
    Indo-Pac Regional Manager

    Jeff Clark
    Alaska/Indo-Pac Regional Business Development Manager

    Human Resources

    Applications must be submitted via our Careers Page.
    Click here to apply for North Wind positions.

    For general HR questions, contact:

    Media Relations and Corporate Communications

    For media inquiries or other community inquiries, please contact:


    For more information about contracting with North Wind through our wide variety of contracting vehicles, contact:

    Vendors and Suppliers

    To register as a potential North Wind vendor or supplier, please click here.


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